Living Waters
Converting Degraded Streams and Lakes Into Community Assets  

Lake Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Engineering Services were provided for natural wetland shoreline stabilization, wetland construction, water quality improvement, and carp control for a 15-acre lake with 5,250 feet of highly eroded shoreline. A recreational fishery was restored with native gamefish predators.  A walking path trail awaits park users.  Over 10 acres of riparian vegetation was converted from invasive shrubs into native plants, shrubs and trees. LWC provided Design, Management, Grant Acquisition, Permitting, Bidding, and Construction Observation Services.  LWC's wetland design and shoreline stabilization techniques included re-use of on-site logs and construction of off-shore berms and slopes. Surveys included Geomorphic Evaluations, a Watershed Study, Water Depth Survey, Sediment Survey, and Water Quality Monitoring. LWC observed construction by Landscape Concepts. Wetlands will provide habitat for endangered species including Black-Crowned Night Heron, Common Tern, Osprey, and Otter.






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