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Converting Degraded Streams and Lakes Into Community Assets  

Jelke Quarry Restoration - Stormwater Engineering BMPs

Comprehensive Engineering Services have been provided for the 150-acre Jelkes Creek / Quarry Restoration Project.  The project was awarded the IAFSM - Stormwater Management Award and the IECA - Environmental Achievement Award.  Historically, the area was affected by chronic flood problems and significant site erosion.  Delicate and mineralized site soils impacted by decades of mining activities prevented establishment of desirable vegetation.  To restore the site, Stormwater Engineering BMPs included conversion of an eroding 150 acre sand and gravel quarry with sloughing 20-foot tall bluffs and degraded conditions into a recreational park, the Jelke Creek Bird Sanctuary. Innovative Stormwater Engineering BMPs include 15 acres of wetland restoration, 150,000 CY of earthwork re-grading to store 100% of the runoff in the 100-Year Storm Event on-site, 3,500 feet of Bioswales, 5,000 linear feet of Terraced wetlands, 110 acres of native plant seeding, sediment forebays, reuse of sand and gravel for infiltration zones, rock checks, and conversion of disturbed mined areas into restored wetlands. With retention of 100% of the runoff in the 100-year storm event, groundwater is recharged, preserving regional water supplies. Recreational amenities include 4 fishing lakes, restoration of 15 acres of emergent wetland habitat, 4 miles of foot paths, scenic overlooks, ADA accessibility , and a 30-stall parking lot. LWC provided Engineering Design, Details, Specifications, Project Management, Cost Estimates, Grant Acquisition Assistance ($1.3M grant funding), Permitting, Bidding, Construction Observation, and Monitoring Services. Shoreline stabilization included re-use of on-site logs, regrading eroded slopes, and installation of native plant materials. LWC observed construction by G.A. Blocker Construction.


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