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Converting Degraded Streams and Lakes Into Community Assets  

Watershed Plan & BMP Implementation

Comprehensive Watershed Planning and BMP Implementation Services were provided for a 19-acre lake. Peck Lake is a popular recreational complex owned by the Geneva Park District. The lake has been impacted by common carp, flooding, nutrient loading, turbidity, and poor aquatic habitat. Watershed analyses included watershed mapping, hydrologic modeling, nutrient modeling, development impact assessment,  groundwater recharge, lake surveys, lake depth and sediment volume maps, and other assessments. Watershed Plan recommendations were provided for carp control, wetland restoration, flood control, water quality improvement, shoreline stabilization, recreational enhancement, native aquatic plantings, and future wildlife re-introductions. Surveys included water depth, sediment thickness, silt volume, fish surveys, wildlife surveys, and multi-year water quality assessments. Watershed BMPs were engineered and sized based on hydrologic modeling, nutrient modeling, and sediment transport modeling to provide optimal water quality improvement for the watershed. The carp-impacted lake is being transformed into a diverse ecosystem with improved water quality, wetland habitat and recreational opportunity. Grant funding was obtained for implementation of recommendations. Rare species in the area including Bald Eagle, and Sandhill Crane.

See also stormwater BMPs implemented in watershed with adjacent re-development site .


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