Living Waters
Converting Degraded Streams and Lakes Into Community Assets  

Watershed Management Plan

Watershed Planning & Implementation Services were provided for a 32-acre  reservoir experiencing sedimentation, algae blooms, water quality degradation, nuisance aquatic plants, shoreline erosion, and other impacts. In addition to the Watershed Management Plan, a Water Quality Report evaluated 18 years of water quality data.  Action Strategies were prepared to enhance the 32-acre reservoir. Recommendations included environmentally sound methods to control nuisance weeds and algae, improve water quality for safe swimming, reduce sedimentation, establish a desirable fish community, and allow for more diverse wildlife habitat. A Watershed Summit attended by multiple agencies contributed to funding provided to prepare an Engineering Plan to stabilize a highly eroded inlet discharging large volumes of sediment into the lake.  Bathymetric Mapping and Sediment Thickness Surveys were completed to guide Long-Term Weed Control Recommendations using Habitat Manipulation Strategies. 


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