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Wastewater Purification & Reuse Projects

Wastewater Purification & Reuse (WPR) utilizes environmentally sound wastewater engineering to provide multiple benefits and eliminate pollution discharge to our rivers and streams. Applying WPR produces clean water which can be approved by EPA for reuse activities including irrigation for crop production, site restoration, constructed wetlands, golf course management or residential open space.

Living Waters Consultants provides Environmentally Sound Water Resources Engineering Services. Wastewater Reclamation & Recycling Engineering Services include Project Management, Engineering Design Plans, Infrastructure Upgrades, Specifications, Permitting, Construction Observation, Monitoring, and Related Services.


  1. No Discharge: Design can eliminate wastewater discharge to rivers and streams.
  2. No Odors: Design can prevent nuisance odors.
  3. Safe: Clean water to irrigate open space, cropland, parks, golf courses or urban green areas.
  4. Cost effective: Low installation, operation, low sludge disposal versus traditional waste treatment.
  5. Simplified permitting: Allows EPA watershed TMDL Compliance.
  6. Flexible Applications: WPR systems suitable for low flows to 3.0 MGD+ flows.
  7. Open space preservation: Allows long-term preservation of open space with irrigation areas.
  8. Water Quality Credit Trading.

PDF: Wastewater Purification & Reuse Cells

PDF: Wastewater Purification and Reuse Systems Planning

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